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Gifts To The Lodge

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Master's Jewel, presented by Bro. Morris Carswell 1890. This Jewel formerly belonged to Fox Maule Ramsay (1801-1874), 11th Earl of Dalhousie, 2nd Lord Panmure, 69th Grand Master Mason of Scotland 1867-70, Deputy Grand Master of England.

Stained Glass Window, presented by Bro. Morris Carswell (1st RWM) 1890.

Stained Glass Window, presented by Bro. David R Clark (2nd RWM) 1890

Tracing Board, presented by Bro. William S Hunter 1894

Secretary's Chair, presented by Bro. Daniel Murray 1894

Photograph Album, presented by Bro. James A S Kerr 1894

Sword, presented by Bro. John Scouller 1899

Laird of Pollok Cup, presented by Bro. Sir John Stirling Maxwell of Pollok, Bart. 1900

Hour-Glass and Scythe, presented by Bro. Walter Laidlaw 1904

Bible, presented by Bro. Rev David Graham 1905

Mallet, presented by Bro. R T Halliday 1911. The engraving on it tells us that it was made of wood from the Old Bridge, Stockwell, Glasgow. This bridge, the second to cross the River Clyde at this point was erected by Bishop Rae in 1345 during the reign of King David, son of Robert The Bruce. Incidentally, on the 9th April, 1851, the foundation-stone of its replacement, the present handsome Victoria Bridge was laid by Bro George Augustus, Lord Glenlyon, 6th Duke of Athole, 67th Grand Master Mason (1843 - 1864) of Scotland, with full Masonic honours. He also laid the foundation stone of the Wallace Monument at Stirling in 1861.

Master's, Senior and Junior Wardens' Chairs, presented by Bro. William Stewart 1911

Snuff Mull, presented by Bro. David Flint 1917

Stand for Snuff Mull, presented by Bro. Andrew Aird 1917

Two Mallets, presented by Bro. R T Halliday 1917

Silver Casket for Charter, presented by Bro. Hugh Lamberton 1919

Silver Cup, presented by Bro. W G Wyllie 1919

Silver Loving Cup, presented in September 1919 by Bro. David R Clark M A, who was the second Master of the Lodge, to be used at the Festivals of the Lodge and on such other occasions when the Toast of 'All Past Masters' is proposed. The marks on the Cup show that it was made in 1859. It should always be in the custody of the Master for the time being. (Minute Book No VII page 114, 20th September 1919)

Silver Cup, presented by Bro. Andrew Aird 1919 and Silver Band added to stand for Cup by Bro. Aird 1924

Embroidered Book Mark for VSL, presented by Bro. John Wright 1922

Stands for Deacons' Rods, presented by Bro. A Graham Anderson 1923

Mark Jewel, presented by Bro. Alexander Naismoth 1923

Knocker, presented by Bro. William L Rogers 1924

Restoration Of Carving and Emblems over West Doorway of Burgh Halls, by Bro. Walter Laidlaw 1924

Two Swords, presented by Bro. Robert Cunningham 1925

Book for Inventories of Lodge Property, presented by Bro. John Wallace 1925

Three Brass Alter Candlesticks, presented by Bro. William Kemp 1925

Silver Golf Trophy, presented by Bro. A Graham Anderson 1926

Naval Sword, presented by Bro. William Shannon 1926

Skean-Dhu, presented by Bro. William H Morton 1926

Masonic Tumbler, presented by Bro. William H Benzie 1926

Mallet and History of Mother Kilwinning Lodge, presented by Bro. James L McCallum 1927

Cavalry Sword, presented by Bro. William Craig 1927

Six Volumes of 'The History of Freemasonry' and one Volume of 'Masonic Clothing and Regalia' presented by Bro. William Craig 1928

Volume of 'The History of The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No1', presented by Bro. Alexander Coull, Master, to celebrate the twenty-first Anniversary of the close fraternal friendship between the two Lodges 1931

Curling Trophy, presented by Bro. R Allan Ogg 1932

Two Syphon Stands, presented by Bros. Ernest A Dunbar and John M Muir 1936

'Master's Putter', presented by Bro. R Allan Ogg in 1937 as a trophy to be competed for in foursome play at the annual golf outing

Two Collection Plates, presented by Bro. John M Muir 1938

Ivory Mallet and Trowel, presented by Bro. T S Cuthbert 1938

Six Volumes of Gauld's 'History of Freemasonry', presented by the Executrix of the late Bro. J W P Scott 1942

Framed illustrations of Office-bearers' Jewels, presented by Bros. John M Muir and Hugh Kirkpatrick 1945

Masonic Bible, presented by Bro. Ian S Hutchison 1959

More recent gifts will be added soon

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